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Published 02/02/2021

The ongoing pandemic has upended how businesses operate but it is also proving to be a catalyst for change. The transition from traditional onsite construction methods to more efficient offsite manufacturing approaches has advanced at a more rapid pace. Not only can manufacturing environments deliver better buildings faster but also more successfully implement stringent social distancing controls and hygiene regimes.

The government is trying to address multiple issues, but construction still remains a priority. Back in October housing secretary Robert Jenrick said the government will not cut its target to build 300,000 homes a year. It has been a matter of great debate if the target will be met but the need for new, affordable homes, schools and healthcare facilities is not going away and offsite construction offers a rapid and reliable solution.

Some business during this time have adopted a crisis management approach – dealing with what is in front of them but now is the time to ‘take the blinkers off’ and prepare future success by grasping the opportunities for growth as we emerge from this pandemic.

As the leading marketing agency in the offsite sector, we have identified a few key areas where you should focus your time and resources this year.

Marketing Tips to Survive and Thrive

Improve communications on availability: According to McKinsey, the availability of products and services is the number one reason customers are switching their allegiances in 2021 – so ‘open for business’ is an important message you need to get out there right now.

Focus on flexibility: Savvy B2B marketers always have a solid Plan A and often a Plan B. But in 2021 we should all prepare for the unexpected and now marketing strategies must be completely flexible and agile.

Prioritise client retention: In the battle to attract new business existing loyal customers can be overlooked. They are vital and valued, so let them know by making retention marketing a key part of your communications plan.

Increase content marketing: Creating and distributing informative and relevant content has to be a priority. Demonstrating expertise, innovation and added value is a must in challenging times to ensure your business does not get left behind.

Better Times are Ahead

There is a lot of doom, gloom and uncertainty – which is being amplified by news outlets on all sides. It is easy to get sucked in and believe that we should bunker down and wait it out. However, sitting back and watching will not help your company survive or thrive in the coming year.

You do not have to go it alone – we are here to help!

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