Is ‘Virtual’ Here to Stay?

Published 23/02/2021

There’s no doubt about it – the event industry has had better years but the one thing that 2020 has taught us is – we are resilient and adaptable. So, the team at Radar have embraced change, explored possibilities and looked to digital technology to provide a solution. You can argue the case either way – for and against ‘virtual’ but in some instances, such as our roundtable events – it can actually work better for all concerned.

Roundtable Debates

Productivity or the lack of it is a contentious issue for the construction sector and offsite manufacturing is hailed as the solution. Equally ‘virtual events’ offer time and cost savings. When you are looking to bring together thought leaders and influencers from across the UK – the appeal of attending such an event from the comfort of your own home office, kitchen or bedroom – is a massive draw.

Our 2020 virtual roundtable events were a universal success story – a series of events took place online making it possible for companies to still engage directly with key influencers to hold dynamic debates.  There has been massive uptake in 2021 and we are practically ‘booked out’!

So How Does It Work?

You may have read the writeups in our Offsite Magazines, but these are really frank and forthright discussions. Each event has a host who identifies the topic and potential participants – Radar’s event team does the rest. Opinion formers are invited to join the panel of experts and questions to debate are prepared. Then on the day leaders and influencers from the offsite sector, including government departments, private sector clients, renown architects, engineers and contractors – virtually gather to interrogate the questions and debate.

Each event is chaired and facilitated by Darren Richards, Managing Director of Cogent Consulting – leading offsite construction consultants, and attended by Gary Ramsay, Editor of Offsite Magazine who captures and presents in special features in the magazine and online via the Offsite Hub Newsroom.

Many of us miss the spontaneity of gathering in person and hope that one day soon this can be resumed, but it would be a mistake not to acknowledge that virtual events actually do bring some advantages and Radar’s roundtable events prove an online forum can not only work but create lasting collaborations and generate business development opportunities.

Read the latest roundtable debate in the Offsite Magazine.

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